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  • Google Images Large Images 1.4

    Google Images Large Images is a very useful extension for Google Chrome. It shows actual image size on mouse over in Google
  • IC Capture - image capture application 2.0

    IC Capture is a Windows application that can acquire single images, image sequences and video from all video devices that are shipped with a WDM
  • AiS XP Images 1.2

    This program helps to make professional designed application for Windows XP. Processed images will look like images in Internet Explorer 6.0. The
  • Images to PDF 1.0

    What you looking for a good image to PDF converter software and not found yet? Now you can take sigh of relief with Images to PDF conversion software
  • All Images To PDF 1.01

    All Image to PDF is a simple, easy and fast desktop utility program that lets you convert your photos, drawings, scans and faxes into Acrobat PDF
  • Images to CSV -

    Automate the placement of several graphic file by converting a picture folder into a CSV file. This file can be then used as a source for the
  • PDF to JPG Images 9.0

    PDF to JPG is used to convert PDF files to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PCX and TGA images in batch mode. It works without Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader,
  • Images in Ice Screensaver 1.0

    Tic-Tac-Toe is one of the most well, known games around the world. This version you can play with someone else, or you can play the computer just like
  • Images: In Context! 1.6

    A powerful, easy to use image editor that integrates directly into Windows. Images: In Context! is easily activated by simply right-clicking on the
  • JustXtract Images 1.00

    JustXtract Images is an Easiest Image Extraction Tool around. It is an Automatic Image Downloader which can download Images by scanning List of
  • Images Generator 09.53

    Images Generator is general-purpose program that combines properties of power graphic editors and properties of programs of automatic designing. It
  • Images of Arizona 2006-2

    Images Of Arizona, 200 fine art photographs of Arizona including; Grand Canyon National Park, Colorado River, Sedona, Monument Valley, Rainbows,
  • Images Conveyer 1.3

    Hassle-free program for group processing of graphic files (BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, ICO, PNG, WMF) for 4 steps. Built-in more 50 effects: 3D grid,
  • OutWit Images

    To quickly navigate through many Web pages and crop limitless numbers of images OutWit Images is used. It is a free Firefox 3 add-on well-suited
  • Converting Images to PDF

    Converting Images to PDF software application BMP images into adobe PDF files. Image to PDF Converter Program application use to insert add all
  • Images to PDF creator

    Images to PDF creator software application program convert any images or image into PDF file quickly. JPG to PDF utility is fully compatible in
  • Merge Images into PDF

    Merge Images into PDF software converts picture to PDF, photo to PDF and snapshot to PDF. Image to PDF creator freeware tool is standalone software
  • Save Images 0.5.1

    You can use handy Firefox extension Save Image from the web pages to your desire location. You can not only change the name of file for saving but can
  • Fiji Images 1.0

    This wallpaper features images from Fijis beautiful island paradise, with sunsets, blue oceans, a parasailer and
  • eBook to Images 0.9.13

    Now you can easily convert your text book into images by using handy software eBook to Images. It supports Sansa
  • Batch Images Now 1.2

    Batch resize, rename, compressing images. Batch Images Now can is an automated batch-imaging editor that allows you to resize, rename and
  • Resize Images 3

    Change the dimension of your pictures. Change the dimension of your pictures. Resize Images is a simple, small and easy-to-use instrument that
  • Convert Images To PDF

    Convert Images to PDF are single software converting Images files into PDF pages. Images to PDF utility are converting several JPEG, JFIF, and TIFF
  • Images Recovery 2.0

    Perfect Images Recovery Software is the adept images recovery utility, which specially designed to retrieve deleted images. This deleted images
  • Images Webscan 2 2

    Images Webscan is an image downloading tool that may help you grab a large number of images automatically from a given web site or web page. Its batch
  • Restore RAW Images 7.24

    Recover RAW Images - with the photo recovery Software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corp. Photo recovery software can recover photos, recover pictures
  • e-motional Images 6.0

    E-motional Images Screen Saver is a complete application that allows us to create professional-looking slideshows, photo albums and presentations with
  • Veer® Images add-in 1.0

    Features: -Direct access to the entire photography and illustration collection at Veer while working in Microsoft?? Word and Microsoft??
  • NSF Latest Images 1.1

    This Viewer presents multiple images from the National Science Foundation's Multimedia Gallery. It was developed by Ideum in conjunction with NSF
  • OnMerge Images 2.11

    Many experts feel that Microsoft Word???s most exciting recent feature is its ability to Mail Merge different pictures into your documents. Using
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  • PCHand Screen Capture 1.8.0

    With PCHand Screen capture, you will find capturing can™t be any easier. It is excellent screen capture software, which allows not only capturing anything you see on the screen with flexible capturing profile, but also
  • Easyscreen Screen Capture 3.13b

    capture and save any screen, crop screens, convert images to JPG images, embed text messages directly into images, add date/time to your capture, and print any screen. You can also capture pull down menus on other
  • Easyscreen 3.14

    capture and save any screen, crop screens, convert images to JPG images, embed text messages directly into images, add date/time to your capture, and print any screen. You can also capture pull down menus on other
  • CamUpload 1.43

    CamUpload tool is used to capture images from a webcam as well as it sends them to a website via FTP. It only uploads images at user predetermined time intervals, and can be configured to capture images when movement is
  • King Kong Capture 1.2

    The Image capture Tool for everybody ages 5 to 95! capture, store or send images to friends and family.See something you like on the screen? Download King Kong capture on your computer and keep the image forever!King
  • 4Media Video Frame Capture for Mac 2.0

    4Media Video Frame capture for Mac is excellent frame capture software to extract images from many videos, e.g. MPEG, DivX, Xvid, AVI, RM, MP4, M4V, MOV, WMV etc. The extracted images can be saved as JPEG, PNG, GIF or
  • Smart Capturer 0.1.6

    This is a universal image capturing program used to capture still images from common Video for Windows source. It may be used as a companion for Tracks Reader to capture microscopic images. It may capture sequences.
  • SolidCapture 1.0

    Easily capture anything on the screen and send the screenshot to the clipboard, a file, or your favorite image editing application in the format of your choice.Screen capture modes: Full Screen, Window (multiple
  • ACA Capture 5.50

    ACA capture is an advanced screen capture tools for screen shots, extended window capture function. It enables you to quickly capture screenshots including desktop, scrolling web pages, web images, menus and more.
  • GeneSnap from SynGene 7.12.1

    You use GeneSnap to control the hardware, to capture images and to process the captured images. You can use GeneSnap to control the illumination and exposure length, and if a motorized lens is fitted, the focussing,
  • Sonne Screen Video Capture

    Sonne Screen Video capture is powerful screen capture software that can capture any part of screen from your desktop, and save the images in BMP or JPG formats. Besides, it offers you the function of capturing video and
  • DVDGo Pro 2.2

    dvdGo Pro is a dvd screen capture program, it can capture any images in your dvds, and save these images to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, even can export these images to PDF and HTML, with the powerful dvd images capture software,
  • ACA Capture Pro 5.60

    Screen capture software ACA capture Program enables you to quickly capture screenshots i.e. desktop, scrolling web pages, web images, menus and even those hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct3D game and video player screen
  • Any Capture Screen 3.50

    Any capture Screen is a powerful screen capture software that can print screen and grab screen shot from Windows desktop. Any Screen capture is by itself intuitionistic and user-freindly. It allow you to capture desired
  • OK-Cam

    OK-Cam - Image capture and transfer software for Windows Automatically capture images from WebCam or disk capture from USB video device Collect images taken by digital camera Process captured images Crop and Resize
  • IM Video Image Capture

    IM Video Image capture is an easy-to-use video image capture software, you can easily capture still image frames from videos and dvds without installing any DirectXâ"¢ codec pack. Most video image capture softwares can
  • CaptureStudio 1.0.10

    A powerful image and video capture program designed to be simple and fun to use. With capture Studio you can interactively capture still Frame images and full-motion video. In addition, you can use capture Studio to
  • Mr. Captor 3.50

    you can capture anything on the computer screen i.e. the entire desktop, rectangular, single window, menus, cursors, etc. Its auto-scroll feature allows you to capture long web pages, PDFs, DOCs and other documents. It
  • Pict.Com Uploader 1.0.4

    " Uploader" is a fast and Compact desktop application from image hosting. This tool allows to upload, manage and share your images and screenshots with One Click. Uploader Features *
  • Pict Uploader 1.0

    " Uploader" is a fast and compact desktop application from image hosting. This tool allows to upload, manage and share your images and screenshots with one Uploader Features:Quickly upload
  • Easy Screen Capture 2.0.4

    Easy Screen capture is a full featured screen capture tool that can capture images from full screen, active window, controls, rectangles, rounds, and ellipses from your desktop. It can automatically scroll your browser
  • Flash & Media Capture 1

    Flash & Media capture is a Windows plugin software for IE. Flash & Media capture adds a nice toolbar that allows you to save all images and Flash applets from a page to the folder you want.Flash & Media capture also
  • AKKSoft Webcam Capture Utility 4.8

    Powerful Webcam capture and Webcam Recording Software.AKKSoft Webcam capture Utility is an easy-to-use webcam capture and webcam video recording software that can capture images from webcams or other capture devices on
  • Print Screen Deluxe 8

    All New!!! - Version 7.1 - Print Screen Deluxe is the ultimate screen capture utility. It provides a fast and easy way to capture, print and save your screen. One keystroke does it all! With one keystroke you can capture
  • ScreenDash Pro 3.0

    With the click of a button, you have the power to capture images from your computer screen - including web-pages, PDFs and anything else you can see on screen. Features: Screen capture capture images from your

    IM dvd Image capture is a easy-to-use dvd image capture software for Windows that quickly capture images from your dvd and manage them.
  • Amor Screen Capture 1.4

    Amor Screen capture is a tool for capturing any part of your screen. You can make professional screen shots and save them as bmp, png, pcx,tif,gif or jpg files.Amor Screen capture can capture the entire screen, a window,
  • Internet Webcam Capture 1.4.1

    capture webcam images with this app. Internet Webcam capture is a handy, small, command prompt based tool specially designed to capture image from a webcam
  • Deepsky Imaging 1.1.1

    Deepsky Imaging 1.1.1 is a useful utility which allows you to capture images from any video ccd camera outputting composite video or S-Video, such as the Stellacam, Mallincam, and other WebCams. In addition, the software
  • Appnimi Auto Screen Capture 1.0

    About Appnimi Auto Screen capture Appnimi Auto Screen capture lets you capture screenshots of your desktop at regular intervals of time. It is a very useful utility when you would like to keep a record of whatever you